Friday, September 10, 2010

Quarter Life Crisis: From One Twenty-Something to Another

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We’re screwed. Yep. No false optimism here. But, as messed as the economy is, as lazy as we are, and no matter how deep we sink into the pit of depression we need to face the facts. Bitching and moaning will get us nowhere. So, with the utmost respect for the unemployed, unmotivated, and under enthused twenty-something I say this: shut up! Wait wait wait! Calm down-don’t get your panties in a twist. I am not saying this to be unnecessarily harsh or to mimic the disgust of older generations, but to offer a piece of wisdom that was recently passed on to me (and yes  I am in the sinking boat with you, twenty-something and up a God awful creek without a paddle). Drum roll please. Here it is: There is always room if you’re good.
There is a job out there if you’re the best. If you excel. Now, this is a tall order with a very slim margin of error, I know. So before you scuttle off to eat the entire tub of Ben and Jerry's you’ve been hoarding in your refrigerator for these slap-in-the -face life moments, take a deep breath and think about. Being screwed is perhaps the very best spot to be in. We are at the bottom of the well and have no where to go but up. Instead of hating our peers who have their lives figured out lets revel in our freedom. Cast off the old constraints that once ruled our lives and take the path untraveled. Cheesy? Definitely. Worth it? Possibly. But, consider this: we are living in our parent’s basements, income-less, with student loans breathing down our necks. Anything is better than right now.
So jump. Figure it out and do something. Be what you always wanted to be. And, if/when that blows up in your face you will only be a slightly older twenty something. Normally I have slightly more sarcastic life view, but let’s face the facts, that has gotten me exactly zilch. Zippo. Nada. So we adapt and try something outside of our small comfort zones. Optimism here we come!... at least for a few weeks. So, armed with a sunny disposition of acceptance, it is my personal manifesto to try something new everyday. Yesterday I tried creating a blog. Today I’m going to try a totally delish new restaurant, Uptown’s Cafeteria.  
So fellow f-ups what lesson did we learn today? Try something new on for size, be it an attitude or dining destination, because honestly, what have we got to lose? Oh yeah, and hipsters suck.

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