Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hipster or Homeless?

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Have you ever met a hipster? My guess is yes, because they are now running rampid in the Twin Cities. When exactly they invaded I can’t be sure, but they are here in droves and from the looks of it going nowhere. We are under siege. Attacked by the highly educated, highly useless hipster.  Our fair cities are undoubtedly Meccas of culture, but why do we feel that the only people out there soaking it up are skinny jean wearing, tight sweater flaunting, chain smoking hipsters? Scratch that- American Spirit chain smoking hipsters. If you’re still not convinced that you’ve stumbled across one, please allow me to elaborate. These individuals might be understandably elusive because often times the line between hipster and homeless is fine.  However, you can spot a hipster a mile off by their elitist attitude toward all things culture, old school kicks, star tattoos, and if they are really committed to their genre, an iconic mustache.

Now a hipster here and there adds a certain flair to any event, but when did they explode into a full fledged micro community?  A community that, as far as I can tell, is confined primarily to Uptown and select parts of Northeast. These cats are so determined to be unique that you can spot them a mile off. They are unique…just like every other hipster. Now don’t get me wrong I have zero problems with their trucker hats and vintage clothing. If it were purely a style statement I’d be on board. What kills me is the ‘tude. Self important with a heavy dose of reverse snobbery and a pinch of know it all finishes it off.  When an attitude is connected to a style which slowly grows into a stereotype- Houston we have a problem!

So this is my call to action. Lets take back the cool scenes the cities has to offer, wear whatever we want, and smoke a whole variety of cigarettes. A bold idea, I know. Why not strive to actually be the individuals we are and not succumb the dingy allure of hipterism (or any other cookie cutter genre for that matter)? After all dress to impress right? The homeless look doesn’t do anyone justice.  Out with the hipster and in with whatever you want, but honestly if I see one more pair of faux Buddy Holly glasses I’m going to scream. Loudly.
Now now, in all fairness the hipster they have commandeered some fantastic spots in our beloved Twin Cities. So I say to you fellow non-hipsters lets take a page for their book (but only just this one page, mind you). Try these gems, The Nomad or The Cedar in Minneapolis.

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