Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7 Out Of 10

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One of my Dad’s favorite sayings is, 7 out of 10 people are idiots. Perhaps a little harsh? Perhaps a little true? Let’s consider it. How many times a day do you think to yourself, God he’s an idiot?

In the name of scientific research I counted yesterday. I counted how many times I clenched my teeth, rolled my eyes, thought something disparaging, said something disparaging, groaned, or otherwise acknowledged the sheer idiocy happening around me.  The verdict:  77. That number alone is enough to make you furrow your brow. Now in fairness to mankind it is just possible that I have a lower threshold for the ignoramus than the average American.  However, regardless of my personal tolerance problems I’m fairly certain that every one of the situations I was in warranted (at minimum) a sarcastic comment. The list of fist clenching situations is long. The top moments include driving (lord do they include driving), waiting on a customer service line, trying to communicate with the obtuse, & checking my e-mail.

Regardless of your empathy- real or contrived- the question that we are all asking ourselves at this moment is: Does that 7 include me?

I’m sure sometimes it does, but I have an inflated enough opinion of myself to think that 80% of the time I am one of the illusive 3 smarty pants in the room. The trick, I have discovered, is to understand that the majority of the population is maddening, pick smart savvy people to be your friends, and try your damndest not to roll your eyes at your superiors.

In an effort to glean a positive take away from an admittedly very cranky post I have several spots that are sure to bring your stress levels down.  I love Crosby Park  in St. Paul for a relaxing walk, & Butter bakery in Minneapolis is deliciously easy.

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