Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Real Word… This is what I signed up for?

Source:Paper Clips by Petr Kratochvi

Hello all. Miss me? For the two of you who infrequently check this while you are procrastinating at work (my mom and one or two very loyal and very bored friends), I’m back.  In case I didn’t have a beer with you last night and you’re wondering where I’ve been (not that I have any delusions that there are people out there who really care where I went) the answer is: out getting a life. Well, if not a life then at least a career path.   

People have told me you’re supposed to have one of these.  I am still a little suspect.

The verdict thus far: uncertain.
One of my life corner stones, a driving consideration, is the idea that you should live your life by no one’s rules but your own. And here I am living my life like every other entry level employee on the planet. Not that I’m complaining. Consider this more an evaluation that a whine session, a period of self reflection after exactly two days in the great American work force.  Obviously I know everything there is to know about this forty hour a week gig after two days….

I just can’t believe I completed my education, proceeded to get undeniably stressed about how I was going to pay back my student loans and how to answer the question, ‘so what are you doing now?’, and the end result is something called the grid? What’s wrong with this picture?  I’m a young, smart, savvy, kid in America. Aren’t I supposed to be following my bliss? It's news to me that bliss lives is cubical. Maybe it’s hidden a drawer I have yet to discover or something….

So my question for today is: bliss where are you?....

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